Is the Revolution Almost Here?

NEWPosted September 23, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

What we see in Australia today might be a look into our own future. States all over the world have overreached.

Prepare for a Very Cold Winter

Posted September 21, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

If you are looking to make money off the coming natural gas shortage, have a look at energy stocks.

The Intentional Destruction of New York

Posted September 20, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

We find ourselves in an emergency situation. The world is tottering between two visions of human life.

How Facebook Became a Department of Government

Posted September 17, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

Facebook has been fundamentally transmogrified into a PR agency for the state.

On that 1 in 500 Claim…

Posted September 16, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

My advice is to turn off the television and stop looking at those notifications from mainstream sources on your phone.

Producer Prices Rise 20%!

Posted September 15, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

The great struggle here is not only economic, not only cultural and social; it is fundamentally psychological.

Now We Know Why They Resigned

Posted September 14, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

In many ways, what began 19 months ago might prove to be the end of the state as we know it. Not in our lifetimes has a policy failed so badly.

It’s War Against America

Posted September 13, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

The dangers here are immense for the future of the American republic. We are supposed to have a federalist style system.

The Heroes of Our Times

Posted September 10, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

The world is such a disaster these days that sometimes it is helpful and hopeful to look at the many ways in which creative people can figure out how to cobble together a civilized life.

The Hoax that Rocked the Media

Posted September 09, 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker

: It has become ever more difficult these days to get reliable information about anything. I’ve never had as much appreciation for independent voices and outlets than I have today.