It’s All Falling Apart

NEWPosted January 20, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

None of what has happened to us was necessary. It’s been a complete disaster. And now the disaster is something we are stuck with for the duration.

You are Being Groomed for Price Controls

Posted January 19, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

These people are economic ignoramuses plus they have been infected by massive power lust.

Are Reporters Fools, Robots, or Partisan Hacks?

Posted January 18, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

What they tell you is the news is not the news.

The Top Prophecy of the Week

Posted January 15, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

To Them, You Are a Machine to Be Managed

It’s Anarchy in America - The Bad Kind

Posted January 14, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

We live in extremely spooky times.

The Pillaging of American Workers

Posted January 13, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

Our liberties are draining away fast, and the rise of inflation is only one symptom of many.

Absolutely No One Is Responsible for Anything!

Posted January 12, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The Fed is only here because it has always been here and no one seems to have the courage and will finally to pull the plug.

Will You Soon Be Foraging for Food?

Posted January 11, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

We are nowhere near the end of this crisis.

To Them, You Are a Machine to Be Managed

Posted January 10, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

Let us not turn away from the reality: all of this was a product of intellectuals who did and do think exactly as Sotomayor.

How Not to Get Crypto Scammed

Posted January 07, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

It sounds boring but the best and safest way to earn money in this world is not by leaping on the latest fad