What Was Bent Has Broken

NEWPosted July 01, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

We need dramatic change and fast, if only to save the country and its ideals from these vagabonds who have wrecked so much so fast.

A Checklist for Online Privacy, Security, and Sanity

Posted June 30, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

A moderate guide to small things you can do to protect yourself to a great degree.

The Sadistic State

Posted June 29, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The Deep State is proving itself impossible to train or deter, no matter how bad it gets out there.

One Nation, Divisible

Posted June 28, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

It was not supposed to be this way. But the centralization and betrayal of the founding principles made it so.

The Slow Motion Economic Depression

Posted June 27, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The issue of failing plans from elites has vexed rulers from time immemorial. We live in such times today, arguably on a larger global basis than ever.

The Grave Danger of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Posted June 24, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

Our best hope is that the government is thoroughly rotten at doing everything. It has a tendency to screw up everything it touches.

Our Lives In Upheaval

Posted June 23, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The new austerity is going to rock the lives of nearly everyone under the age of 50, and upend everything they previously believed by themselves and the world around them.

Bitcoin’s Wild Ride

Posted June 22, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The world needs a stateless and independent money more than ever. We are headed toward unprecedented upheaval in finance and money as well as politics and culture.

The Spies are After You

Posted June 21, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The damage is done already but it is wise to be aware now of what is possible. Your smartphone is not necessarily your friend.

Straight Out of Atlas Shrugged

Posted June 17, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The more they fail, the angrier they get. And each day these people are forced to look at the polling charts showing that Biden is sinking more each day.