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Human Freedom and the Economic Model

Posted February 28, 2020

Does capitalism have anything to do with greed?

Ajit Pai of the FCC Upends the 5G Debate

Posted February 27, 2020

The fifth-generation (5G) wireless plot thickened last week

The Future is Faster Than You Think

Posted February 26, 2020

Gosh, picking up a book at OHare airport can be perilous. It can stick in the grooves of your update. Like gum in the treads of your running shoes. I have dailies to write, promises to keep, and many miles to fly before I sleep. And I already think the future is sweeping by me.

A Blessing from China: A Challenge to Innovate

Posted February 25, 2020

With China grasping major headlines lately, I thought itd be a good idea to look back on a previous prophecy highlighting the great triumphs of this country.

A 20-20 Perspective from the Man on the Margin

Posted February 24, 2020

As my readers who reached the final chapters of Life After Google know, ever since the untimely death of Jude Wanniski, my best guide on matters of money has been a six-foot-five-inch pilot for American Airlines.

Climate Cranks Are Bringing Down the World Economy

Posted February 20, 2020

So there goes Jeff Bezos, rich white man, slipping and sliding down the slopes of political correctitude and repentance

Original Gangsters with a Real Vision of Money

Posted February 19, 2020

Laden with my Vanity Fair laurels as Hollywoods Original Gangster Futurist (I owe the coinage to Rapper Ice-T), I am bringing my show to London where I will keynote and fireside-chat at CoinGeek 2020.

We Need to Avoid Thucydides Trap

Posted February 18, 2020

To understand what is going on in Washington and how it might affect your investments, it is helpful to know what the Generals and Admirals think.

Applying a Karl Marx Lens to Time-Prices

Posted February 14, 2020

From time to time in my prophecies, I turn to the questions from my readers.

5G and the Huawei Apocalypse

Posted February 13, 2020

A key rule for investment is to stay away from the hustlers, lawyers, lobbyists and bureaucrats currently infesting the political backdoors to the 5G space.

CO2: The Elixir of All Life

Posted February 12, 2020

Can a society forget the crucial rules and skills of its success and slide down a slope into irreparable decline?

A Lunar Pinnacle for the Ages

Posted February 11, 2020

With the declamatory publication of After Shock, the polymathic editor of George Gilders Moonshots and multi-patented tech virtuoso John Schroeter has now landed like an astronaut on his personal moon.

These Parasites Are Feeding Off of Capitalism

Posted February 10, 2020

Bernie and Bong are two-of-a-kind, but they ultimately represent an elite of true parasites that feed on capitalism while condemning and subverting it.

My O.G. Breakthrough in Vanity Fair

Posted February 06, 2020

As CEO, he has to learn how to defend the core technologies of his company, or Life After Google will happen even sooner than I thought...

The Rise of Silicon 2.0: Investing in the Next Generation of Semiconductor Tech

Posted February 05, 2020

Inside, an excerpt from the January issue...

US Investors Must Defy the True Menace of the American Markets

Posted February 03, 2020

To banish from China our industry standards, protocols, OSs, and architectures on the grounds that they were somehow stolen is deeply destructive to American technology.