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First No Gas, Now No Cars

Posted May 28, 2021

A global shortage in a basic transportation tool...

Government Is Dividing Us: Clean Versus Unclean

Posted May 27, 2021

Put us in cages and we will figure out a way out...

The Great Bitcoin Reversal, Redux

Posted May 26, 2021

Rally around what you know to be true…

Important Announcement from George Gilder

Posted May 25, 2021

Introducing Jeffrey Tucker…

Peering into the World of Time Investing

Posted May 24, 2021

Where is innovation most prominent?

Biden’s First “Great Power” Test

Posted May 21, 2021

What will the US do with this crisis?

COVID is No Longer a Major Disease

Posted May 20, 2021

Below you will find the latest update from William Briggs. Keep scrolling to read his thoughts… Gain-of-Function Tests You’ll have heard of these by now. These studies, funded by such luminaries as the...

The Looming Taiwan Disaster

Posted May 19, 2021

In perpetuating this Trump-era ban, Biden risks a much bigger problem…

Seeing China through the Lens of the Information Theory of Economics

Posted May 18, 2021

Learning and surprise is what drives growth, not government planning

The Mask Model Example

Posted May 17, 2021

The latest from Briggs...

Life After Google: Amateurs are Beating the Pros at Science

Posted May 14, 2021

And the pros demand they be stopped!

Coronavirus Update: Vaccine Harms, Deaths, and Passports

Posted May 13, 2021

William Briggs chimes in...

Overcoming the Energy Barrier

Posted May 12, 2021

A prophecy written by John Schroeter…

The Meaning of the Doge

Posted May 11, 2021

Man’s best friend is now spreading a coin-like substance around the world…

Over-Certainties Of Science, Scientists, Experts, Quacks & Their Models

Posted May 10, 2021

William Briggs weighs in on coronadoom...

The Myth of Artificial Intelligence

Posted May 07, 2021

Collaboratively written with Steve Waite…

A Stop at Willoughby

Posted May 05, 2021

A Prophecy from John Schroeter…

Policy Makers and Their Socially Regressive Agenda

Posted May 04, 2021

We are being governed by fools…

The Truth About High Tax Rates

Posted May 03, 2021

High tax rates do not redistribute incomes. They redistribute taxpayers…