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The Fight for Civilization

Posted June 30, 2021

The curbing of everyone’s freedom literally unleashed hell...

Americans Gone Wild

Posted June 29, 2021

Freedom still has a fighting chance to win this one...

The Biggest Attack on Freedom in Our Lifetimes

Posted June 28, 2021

Fauci pushed bogus science and political lunacy...

Control the World? Fuggedaboutit!

Posted June 25, 2021

The virus punctured political pretensions...

There Is Life After YouTube Too

Posted June 24, 2021

The power and promise of big tech...

How The Great Barrington Declaration Changed The World

Posted June 23, 2021

A teachable moment for us all...

The Censors Finally Came for Me

Posted June 22, 2021

The silencing technique...

Brutal Covid Battles Have Just Begun

Posted June 21, 2021

George Gilder’s prediction is coming true...

Speaking of Privacy, What About Tax Returns?

Posted June 18, 2021

There is nothing liberal remaining in liberalism...

The Good News From the Lockdown Tragedy

Posted June 17, 2021

We can expect momentous changes...

The Pulitzer Prize Fraud

Posted June 16, 2021

What a way to top off a year-and-a-half-long collapse of public confidence in once-respected institutions! The Pulitzer Prize committee has given its award for “public service” to the New York Times...

One Privacy Change You Need Now

Posted June 15, 2021

Consumers must be aware...

The Small Business Carnage that Doesn’t Make the News

Posted June 14, 2021

The soul of the nation and the future of liberty are at stake...

Run For Your Lives From... The Delta Variant!

Posted June 11, 2021

The ruling class is addicted to fear...

Five Points About the Man-Made Microchip Shortage

Posted June 10, 2021

Protectionism and lockdownism have taken their toll...

How Long Do We Pretend that the Fed Is Right?

Posted June 09, 2021

Printing paper isn’t the answer to everything...

The Country Making Bitcoin Legal Tender

Posted June 08, 2021

High prices inspire adoption, low prices demoralize...

Is There a Name for this Economic Mess?

Posted June 07, 2021

Maybe “The Great Suppression?”

When Did Fauci First Hint of Lockdowns?

Posted June 04, 2021

What I’m about to tell you is impossible to believe, but impossible to make up either

The Fauci Email Dump Proves the Trifecta’s Lockdown Plot

Posted June 03, 2021

The US, CCP, and major media’s COVID plans have been exposed...

How Crazy People Took Over the World

Posted June 02, 2021

Rebuilding civilization as we know it...

The Companies You Once Trusted are Your New Censors

Posted June 01, 2021

The non-compliant are far more numerous than the regime believes...