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Easy On the Butter: We Aren’t Rich

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted January 10, 2023

Jeffrey Tucker

“Life isn't life without real butter,” wrote novelist Adrienne Posey. 

Maybe so but it is going to cost you. Butter is up 25% from 12 months ago and still rising as the cost of production soars and shortages grow. It’s a good time to stock up and shove it in the freezer. This problem isn’t going away soon. 

Same with eggs, which are up 45% over this time last year. 

Finally, in the deep waters of the worst inflation of most people’s lifetimes, we see where it is going to land and hurt the most: animal products. This is why the World Economic Forum is grooming you to eat bugs. Sure, it could take a few years but it’s coming. At some point, we might be hungry enough and meat and meat products will cost too much. 

Life Under Mao 

During China’s Cultural Revolution famine, animal fats disappeared. The pigs and fish were gone and the chickens too. Then the dogs disappeared and so too did the birds and other game. Bugs and people were all that was left. I’ll spare you the details because they are too gory. 

I’ve never forgotten those stories, and they return to my mind often when I cook with lard, butter, or bacon fat. I try to imagine getting by without it, knowing full well that olive oil wasn’t available either. Food without fat is a tasteless blob of nothing special. Meat and its byproducts are the single most valuable food out there. 

In modern history, whenever a society grows rich, it turns to eating meat. The average height of people goes way up, and bodily strength improves. Please, if you are a dedicated vegan, don’t write me with a refutation because I’m only reporting known facts. Apart from the affected dietary ideologies of high-end intellectuals, the record is clear: humans like and thrive with meat. 

So long as we are talking about modern luxuries, let’s talk about electricity. Have you looked at your utility bills lately? Undoubtedly. You wonder who has been leaving the lights on. In reality, nothing has changed. It’s just inflation. Real-time apps show utility bills are rising faster than anything else: 15%. 

At some point, the green freaks are going to reveal to the world that electricity is in fact not “clean.” It is mostly produced by burning coal. They will come after that too. You didn’t really believe that these people would be happy so long as you bought a Ford EV, did you? They won’t finally be happy until you are driving a Flintstone car. 

Back to Migratory Creatures

Keep in mind that mobility has become something of a priority for people in the developed world. Vast numbers of people in the UK who can afford to do it have already picked up and left for Spain for the winter. They simply cannot afford the electrical bills, which are rising exponentially. 

Think about this: we are falling so far so fast as a civilization that we have to migrate to stay warm and cool. Indoor temperature control was one of the greatest triumphs of modernity. They are working to take that away. It’s driving us toward the new Dark Ages. And by Dark Ages, it will literally be true. We won’t be able to afford to turn on the lights. 

Humankind in our earliest records lived only in places where the weather permitted. If you think about it, the American South only experienced its greatest inflow of population after air conditioning. Without it, there would be no Las Vegas and everyone would still be crowded up in the coastal cities in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. 

But the elites don’t like the way air-conditioned America votes, so they are doing something about it. 

Down With Luxury! 

For decades now, elites have targeted our luxuries. They restricted the size of toilets, wrecking their ability to flush effectively. They curb our showers. They imposed limits on energy use on appliances so that our clothes and dishes are not as clean as they used to be. The water pressure was reduced so our pipes don’t stay clean. The hot water heaters only produced tepid water. 

It was a strange time to see how government was deliberately degrading our lives. Their thinking never made any sense. It was as if the bureaucrats just took delight in imposing little sufferings on all of us. Those little sufferings became bigger and bigger until one day, they unleashed the shock and awe: lockdowns! 

After that, every bit of freedom felt like a luxury. Even today, we are far less free. The Fraser Institute’s Human Freedom Index has been set back fully 40 years in just two years. Did you read any headlines about that? Not likely. It’s remarkable that no one seems to care. This is a serious reason to worry. 

It’s Serious 

My worry is that we will look back at the last three years as a real turning point, from the height of civilization to its ultimate parasitical depths. It’s not crazy to think that this is happening right now. You look out the window and drive around today and things might seem normal on the surface. But look beneath that and you see nothing but rot. 

That’s especially true with the economic data. The Fed claims to be working on taming inflation but it is doing it by driving a housing crisis and entrenching a recession. The Bank of England today has called recession in the UK, and the same will happen in the U.S. by year’s end. But it might be only the beginning of a tremendous and lasting economic storm that will change our lives completely. 

It’s preventable but is there anyone in a position of power working to prevent it? Not right now. Not yet. 

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