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In the Midst of a “Great Reset”

George Gilder

Posted February 17, 2021

George Gilder

In case you are worried about viral taboos, I’m vaccinated now with Moderna’s RNA jab and thoroughly safe to read.

You should be warned, however, that I do not wear a mask while penning my prophecies.

But no one is stopping you from donning multiple masks before reading my infectious prose.

William Briggs, my statistical star, explains why “studies show” even one mask may not suffice to protect you:

The CDC [Center for Disease Control], now losing relevance since coronadoom deaths are dropping, decided to get on the double-mask train. [It is urging a new “study.”]

Now any idiot with no scientific training whatsoever knows that one mask restricts breathing, and that two restricts it more. Air flow is twice as impeded, or whatever. Three masks impede it more, and so on.

There is therefore no reason in the world to do a ‘study’ to, well, study this. It is pure scientism of the first kind, if it happens.

Meanwhile, the Israelis, who I used to think were smart, have awarded Dr. Anthony “Double-Mask” Fauci, already the Administration’s highest paid official, a new “million- “dollar prize” for “Speaking Truth to Power!”

Amid our world catastrophe, at least we do not have to complicate our concern with our own financial future by worrying unduly about Fauci’s finances.

The further question on the table, or under it, is the safety of investments in an economy that is being managed by masked midgets, climate cultists, fear mongers, and monetary fantasists in Washington and around the world.

In coming weeks, I may be safe from coronadoom, but impeding my medicated messages may be spiking electricity prices as ice and snow seal off our Maskachusetts solar panels and windmill turbines, and natural gas and coal are banned to fight the rising tide of warm weather.

So I may just don my skis and skate off across the snows before the coming of the warm catastrophe.

We are in the midst of a “great reset” as it is called at the World Economic Forum in Davos, in which the world will be saved by the politics of climate and public health.

Two More Takes

Mike Kendall, my “Man on the Margin” in Dallas, recently posted his warnings on COVID politics, what I have called the “COVID Coup.” His thoughts below:

SARS-CoV-2 is the first virus that's political. When you create an imaginary [or at least endlessly mutable and fear mongering] virus, it can be anything you want it to be and affect anything you want it to affect…

If you're the Mayor of Austin, Denver, or LA, the Governor of CA, IL, or NY, [Speaker] Pelosi, or any other acceptable political representative, avoiding the lockdown, travel bans, and mask-wearing is not a threat to public health safety.

If you're Tom Brady and walk into a stadium without a mask before you play a football game without a mask, you're a threat to world health…

Everyone knows this is ludicrous, but as long as people keep acquiescing to the nonsense, the restrictions and loss of freedom will keep getting ratcheted up.

That's right; you now need TWO masks.

At some point, people will have to cease cooperating with their own enslavement. This is where this is headed with Universal Basic Income, health passports, mandatory vaccines, ID2020, smart cities, and the whole Agenda 21 [from the Davos “Great Reset”]. Until people say, ‘Enough.’”

“If you want to know who controls you, look at who you can’t criticize.”

Meanwhile the unimpeachable Bill Gates gave an enlightening interview to Business Insider.

Thrilled with the success of his COVID panic and its resulting vaccinations, he is moving on in a brand-new book to address climate change, “the greatest threat of a world catastrophe.”

So you may be intrigued to know that Gates believes that in combatting this threat, solar panels, and windmills are virtually useless:

“[J]ust funding, say, a solar farm or wind farm, the cost of money for those activities is identical to the rest of the economy. Whoever invests in that, that's not really affecting the climate and progress… Just being the bond owner of a solar field — people call that green finance, but that's not causing a reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Gates declares that actually combatting climate change entails expenditures at least 20 times greater even than combatting COVID.

In life after capitalism, we are moving toward a Rube Goldberg economy when the more we spend the less we get.

This week’s Barron’s cover stories focus on Cannabis stocks and the 100 Most Sustainable Companies, which are notable chiefly for the natural gas emitted by their CEOs.

According to Barron’s, “At the beginning of 2020, there was more than $17 trillion invested according to sustainable principles. That’s up 42% from the $12 trillion at the beginning of 2018.”

And even Bill Gates admits the vast bulk of this so-called “investment” does nothing to combat even the politically-correct phantasms of climate change.

Following the “sustainability” route, we print money madly in order to create a power grid that is vastly more complex, vulnerable, resource wasting and costly, consuming more of the scarce surface of the planet in order to supply less energy to the world population.

Measured by time-prices — the hours and minutes a worker has to spend to buy goods and services (see previous prophecies) — this path is steadily reducing wealth and value, retarding the processes of learning that constitute real economic growth.

Today’s Prophecy

The key to investment success will be avoiding this vortex of unsustainable expertise and stupidity at all costs.

Instead, in the information theory of economics, we are combing the world economy for the creation of actual value through real innovation and information entropy.

What we have is a world of failed paradigms, where the more we spend the worse the results. If you don’t believe it, in our ever more costly pursuit of internet “security,” 2021 has already unveiled the worst breach in history, the Solar Winds hack that Microsoft president Brad Smith says is “the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen.”

The vast raid reaped huge masses of data from Wall Street’s leading companies and from major government agencies.

We may console ourselves by the assurance that much of the data is unreadable bafflegab on sustainability.

By contrast, on a new ground state of crypto joined to a new web of reality, we pursue the unveiling of a “spatial web.” This new information architecture is open to virtual worlds and anchored in time-stamped blockchain factuality. It opens finance to real values of innovative crypto beyond bitcoin’s speculations.

 We invest in surprises of creativity, unguaranteed and unsubsidized and mostly even unregulated by government and thus open to the future.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder's Daily Prophecy

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