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Infections Drop! Experts Baffled!

George Gilder

Posted February 12, 2021

George Gilder

Below you’ll find the latest from William Briggs.

The Daily Mail headline is that “experts” were “baffled” that coronadoom “cases,” by which they mean infections, fell by 50%, and that (in another headlines) they were “plummeting.“

One of the headlines, like many in the media, pointed to the “highest death day evah!” It wasn’t. That was back on April 15 when over 6,000 doom deaths were reported. Since day one I warned us that reporting and reality don’t match up, not in medical data. Check for yourself and you’ll see last week’s “highest death day evah!” was obviously a reporting trick.

The media is the enemy of the people.

Incidentally, it’s worth your time to enter “experts baffled covid” (or coronavirus) into search engines, focusing on news. Many headlines going back to last March. A lot of expert bafflement! But no shortage of confidence that quarantining the healthy and sick together, and that masking maskless-ness a federal crime are terrific ideas.

Anyway, regular readers will know that since early December (maybe before? I lost count) we have been making one of the easiest predictions that can be made: that deaths would peak in mid-January or so, and would then begin to fall. Because this happens every single year without exception and for the same reasons: voluntary lockdowns due to the cold weather.

We all start heading in late fall, the bugs circulate, and the bodies start piling up in December, with the peak, again, in early January. By the end of January, the most susceptible die off, and the rates go down.

Deaths of all kinds.

Meaning a guy who had a cardiac and keeled over after New Years died in fact of an MI. But that he also got a bad cold, or flu, or bronchitis, or whatever, pushed him over the edge.

Only this year, if the man got the doom, instead of putting a heart attack on the death certificate, they’d instead put the coronadoom.

The drop can’t be vaccines, not yet, not fully. It can’t be the lowering of Ct — the Biden effect — resulting in lower recorded infections, thus lower recorded hospitalizations and deaths, not fully.

But it can be mostly the weather. As it always is.

Speaking of cowardly experts, this:


For when this tweet dies of coronavirus in seven days, it reads, “Calm yourselves, cowardly experts. The flu, the common cold, syphilis, ebola, many, many others, including the most deadly of all, rabies, will always be with us. The coronadoom is just one more” with a link to cowardly experts WSJ piece.

Go here for the full update.

-William Briggs


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder's Daily Prophecy

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