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It’s All Unraveling, and Fast!

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted January 20, 2023

Jeffrey Tucker

Whew, things have really gone bonkers in the good ol’ USA. 

The end of 15 years of cray cray zero-interest rate policy is revealing a blessed reality. Large firms are purging their HR departments and firing whole divisions that only yesterday were imposing DEI standards and ESG or whatever other nonsense theory that drove them. Every day, we get news of tens of thousands of firings. 

Did I not predict this? Yes, I did but I’ll stop with the self-congratulations. I just couldn’t resist this one chance to brag. 

Also, household finances are falling apart as real wages continue to fall and credit card debt rises to impossible levels. Now the Haute bourgeoisie is starting to get concerned about even keeping a job. Is Uber driving really the only option that is going to remain for graduates of Emory, Yale, and Chicago who otherwise carry $100K in student loan debt? Maybe. 

The federal government's own finances are a complete disaster, as the Treasury Department warns of impending default on its debt unless Congress shapes up and raises the debt limit. But there are some Republicans out there who are not interested. They could hold up the whole bit and hence shut down the government, even to the point of allowing some downgrading of U.S. debt. 

This could happen! I would not rule it out. Some of these young Republicans have the racket figured out. They are realizing this country is ruled by a gigantic and malevolent administrative state that pays zero attention to the voters. They further realize that the only way to get them under control is to force — and I do mean force — massive budget cuts. 

So prepare yourself. Within a matter of weeks, we are going to be hearing from all the mainstream press how right-wing extremists are trying to dismantle the government, doing through legislative work what the January 6 protestors failed to do. Mark my words: this will happen, and there will be every manner of wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

Will they get away with actually forcing deep budget cuts in the bureaucracies? I doubt it. We aren’t there yet. They will eventually cave and raise the debt limit. And the deep state will breathe a sigh of relief because they have another six months to a year of life. 

But the next round of crisis will only be delayed. The current debt is getting ever more expensive to service, thanks to the Fed’s policies of attempting to get control of inflation via the federal funds rate. We have at least 200 basis points to go before it is really done. Even then, there is a real danger that the whole inflationary route could begin all over again, even in the midst of a depression. 

The Rulers Are Scared 

Have you been watching these fools at the World Economic Forum going on about how they are going to control the world? It’s embarrassing, and the public in many nations has turned against them. The model people use is very simple: if you attended the WEF you are a bad guy. You are toast. This pertains to every last one of them. 

Poor Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia. He’s a good guy but he really misread the room. He decided to show up to Davos because he got the invitation. He was flattered and decided to go. Immediately the roof fell in on him. His base has turned against him, and he found himself on the back foot claiming that he was going only to speak truth to power. Oh sure. 

Look, there is a reason why George Soros and Bill Gates didn’t go. And there is a reason why Elon Musk has been openly denouncing the WEF. Public opinion has dramatically turned against the ruling class, and nothing embodies the ruling class better than the WEF. The masses are extremely angry. All over the world. 

As much as we talk about censorship – and it is very real – we are right now being given access to truth in ways that no living person has ever seen it. We have this newsletter and others from the Paradigm Press world. We also have Substack. And Rumble. And now we have even Twitter, for now. Out of these free venues, we are hearing things we have never heard. 

And let’s give a shoutout to Tucker Carlson. Nightly he is dropping truth bombs. Last night, the American people heard for the first time confirmation not only that the CIA was involved in the murder of JFK but more than that: he revealed that Watergate itself was a CIA plot and that Woodward and Bernstein were nothing but deep-state agents who set out to punishing Nixon for threatening to expose who really runs the country. 

How in the heck does Tucker stay on the air? Pretty simple. He is the highest-performing news host in the world. His vast viewer base has given him the freedom to say what is true. And you will notice that he is using that freedom very well, so long as it lasts. 

The Cat Is Out of the Bag

The passion to know the truth is increasingly defining American culture today. There was something about the lockdowns that triggered people. How did it happen that in a country of the Bill of Rights and free enterprise that suddenly we were not allowed to run our businesses, go to the gym, or even attend church? People are finally demanding answers. The answers are terrifying: the people are no longer in charge of this country. 

The thing about Americans is that we believe that we have rights and that we should have a government that respects and defends them. Nothing can shake people of this view. We sing about it on July 4th. We pledge to the flag. We tell our kids all the legends of this great country. The deep state really miscalculated in thinking that they could wipe all that out in a matter of a few months. 

The media line is that all of this new anger is being driven by Qanon and various radical groups. It’s utter gibberish. The anger is coming from everywhere, including those who used to imagine themselves to be on the left politically. 

The Attack on Biden 

A few words now on this strange and unexpected attack on Joseph Biden for possessing classified documents. The timing was impeccable. It is a classic deep-state hit. The point of this is to remind the elected officials of every party, no matter their politics, about who is really in charge. The national security state rules all. Not even Biden is safe. That’s the whole idea. 

In addition, there might be the perception that it’s time to start dialing back his valorization to put Democrats on notice that they need to ready some new candidate for the next election, or else the country could end up with someone even more effective and dangerous to the deep state than even Donald Trump, namely Ron DeSantis. 

The real purpose here is to groom someone to take him on before this gets out of hand. But who will it be? It can’t be Hillary, Kamala, or Ms. Obama. That’s never going to work. Nor can it be one of those creepy New York democrats who are compromised beyond belief. Someone needs to step up now else the deep state is going to face a real reckoning in a couple of years. 

This political and financial crisis is occurring in the midst of the euthanasia of white-collar jobs in the tech sector and a deepening depression in the economic realm. This is a wicked and wild combination that is only going to produce more instability and public anger. Is it possible that the ruling class overplayed its hand over these three years? It is starting to seem like this is true. 

In any case, these are good times for lovers of truth. We are getting more than we asked for and even more than we want. Let’s try to enjoy it while it lasts. The crackdown on information and our newly found freedoms will come soon enough. 

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