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It’s Anarchy in America - The Bad Kind

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted January 14, 2022

Jeffrey Tucker

Maybe you heard the big news yesterday? The Supreme Court shot down Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses of more than 100 employees. It was a 6-3 decision, but the main opinion was issued “per curiam” which means that the statement was unsigned but represents the whole court. Still there were concurring and dissenting opinions. 

That’s pretty weird, my legal friends tell me. 

There are many things fishy about this decision. 

  1. The opinion came three days late: OSHA had already technically started enforcing the mandate. It was already in effect. HR departments all over the country had already retooled. It’s already a done deal for many companies. Why did the court not issue this earlier so that it could seem rather urgent? Maybe because that was the whole point: to give it a feeling of irrelevance. 
  1. There was no passion in the decision, no sweeping language, no discussion of vaccine safety or effectiveness, and not even one reference to previous court decisions concerning such mandates. Not one sentence was worth quoting in the press. It was designed to be deliberately boring. This added to the feeling of irrelevance. 
  1. The decision leaves businesses completely free to impose these on employees, just as they have started to do over the last 4 months. Citigroup has affirmed that it will continue to do so. The decision also turns every legal aspect of this back to the states. Not one word in any of the documents makes reference to individual choice or individual rights. 
  1. The Biden administration basically dismissed the whole thing. It said it would continue to urge businesses to impose such mandates. When the actual government says that it wants everyone to adopt mandates, that means something. The court has no military. 
  1. The court released two decisions at once. The second one decided in favor of a mandate on medical institutions accepting federal funds. This was decided 5-4, with Kavanaugh having flipped sides. This only further muddies the waters. It’s also a brutal mandate because it means that tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, and staff in the medical system will be summarily fired — despite having natural immunity and despite all their service over the past two years. 

Nurses are already hitting the streets in protest against staffing shortages. 

Devastating and Demoralizing 

So, on one hand, great. We should be kind of happy that the world did not entirely fall apart at the hands of the court. On the other hand, these decisions were as bad as they could be without being actually catastrophic for human liberty. 

Keep in mind: there is NO actual rationale for vaccine passports. The vaccines do not stop infection. They do not stop transmission. For nearly all workers today, these vaccines do not stop hospitalization and death, and do you know why? Because only 15% of the hospitalized and dying actually have jobs they must attend. Most are elderly and sick. 

The entire basis for the vaccine mandate was completely undermined by the empirical reality a full month before the court came up with its decision. And meanwhile, the court said nothing, zilch, nada about this problem. Nothing! Can you imagine? This makes no sense. 

What if the National Weather Bureau mandated weekly rain dances to keep precipitation going and the Supreme Court was asked to weigh in on the question. Doesn’t it seem likely that the Court would in its decision observe that such dances have limited utility? In this case, the court said absolutely nothing about the vaccines! 

So yeah, there’s a lot of weird things going on here. 

The court has spoken. But it spoke so quietly that it has nearly invited the government and the private sector to ignore it. The pharmaceutical companies win another day. Privacy is dealt a devastating blow. It is just beginning. 

Your Passport Is Already Here 

I know that you desperately want some good news. This decision however barely qualifies at all. Meanwhile, you know that piece of paper you may or may not keep in your wallet that notes your vaccination status? (Congratulations if you are right now saying you have no such thing.) Well, those will soon be a thing of the past. 

You can go right now to the App Store and download the SMART health pass. Keep in mind that there is no federal vaccine registry. But there is one in every state. You know that if you had a shot already. The government sends you reminders for your second shot. They track you down to get you poked again. This data is being deployed for the institutionalization of a national vaccine passport. 

It is all but here already. You can download this app and verify yourself and carry it with you. How convenient. How wonderful to turn over your health records to the government and then allow the government to accumulate data on you and determine where you can work, eat, and be entertained. This is already here. The Supreme Court decision does nothing to stop this. 

The SMART app is an open-source piece of software. It is owned by no one in particular but distributed by private companies out to make a buck. This was a clever way to roll it out so that a populist movement would not arise to denounce Microsoft or whomever for imposing tyranny on us. Instead, we don’t really know whom to blame. 

Mostly this is being enforced in Blue states. Red states have resisted. I don’t know how long they can hold out. But through various pushes, nudges, plots, and schemes, we are getting a China system of social credit. It’s totalitarian, but it is happening right now. One state at a time. 

Who Is In Charge?

Now you see what I mean by anarchy in America. We have laws. We have courts. We have decisions that come down and some of them rule in the right direction. But they don’t matter. They are not the operationally relevant law of the land. Someone else and something else is in charge, no matter what the courts say. 

We live in extremely spooky times. A president in his dotage muttering nonsense that everyone ignores. Courts issuing boring decisions to which hardly anyone pays attention. Massive corporations taking control of our lives alongside bureaucracies we’d barely heard of five years ago. It surely feels like a lawless coup is taking place right under our noses. 


Jeffrey Tucker

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