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My True Covid Confession

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted January 04, 2022

Jeffrey Tucker

My father taught me not to complain about my ailments. That explains why I’ve so far not said a word about my own Covid infection. When he died suddenly, it was due to a heart ailment. He knew he was dying, but we did not. He got all his affairs in order, even to the point of cleaning out the trunk of his car. I only knew there was a problem because I could hear his problematic breathing. Then one day he was dead. 

He was a great man. 

All that aside — and I hope you don’t mind the change of pace — I don’t like to talk about my sicknesses, but I will this time. Mostly until this one, they have been normal. A bit of congestion. Some body aches. Maybe some fever that comes and goes. Sickness is part of life. I’m used to it. It’s all fine. I figured that Covid would be the same. 

Truth be told, I was happy to get it. For two years, I had lived my life normally. I never adjusted my lifestyle. I never believed in lockdowns (still don’t) and never bought into any of the mitigation tactics. A virus is going to do its thing regardless. I’ve always known that. I was prepared to confront the virus. 

When my at-home test said positive, I was happy. Finally I would get it, get immunities, and be done. I wanted that super power, and wanted to live without fear or even worry about Covid. I hadn’t really that much but getting it would make me bullet proof. I know this because I read stuff rather than listen to the crazy media and the CDC, which still has said almost nothing about natural immunity. 

I have no idea how I picked it up. Could be this party or that one. This trip or that one. This outing or that one. It’s pointless to speculate. Viruses are everywhere. It could have been anywhere, and there is no point in speculating because we end up blaming ourselves or others for what is in fact in the state of the world. 

It Begins 

Regardless, it was a Monday afternoon when my throat began to feel odd. I was holding a small dinner party for three people at the time. It was too late to cancel. Three hours later, I had a fever. Two out of three people there picked it up from me. I awoke with a fever. That went on for a day, then two, then three. I kept thinking it would go away: a bit of fever never harmed anyone. 

In fact, I let it run. My mother taught me that fever serves a purpose. It burns off the virus. It would last a day or two and it would be done. What I did not know, and which I discovered over the coming days, was that there was nothing normal and predictable about this virus. 

Let me try to explain, and you know exactly what I mean if you have had it. It is not normal. It feels chemical, even electric. Manufactured. We call it a respiratory virus. That is inaccurate. That one’s chest is rather cloggy is the least of it. It is an all-over-body experience, almost like a black spectre has taken over, a true invasion, making life functioning diminish by half or more. There is swelling in the frontal lobes making clear thought difficult. 

I went into denial. No way could a disease last this long. After day 5 or 6 I started trying to be normal. I sometimes felt that way. But then a few hours would pass by and the fever would return. Then it would go away. And then return. The grip of this thing would not let go. It just went on and on. I would fool myself into thinking I’m better, but then reality would hit me again. Depressing doesn’t quite describe it. 

After day 10, I was worried, very worried but never once considered going to the hospital. I knew I would only end up with a $15,000 bill and they would do nothing for me. They would not give me known therapeutics. They would pump me full of aspirin and insist on bed rest, meanwhile treating me like a leper. I knew I was far better off at home. 


After this, I knew I had to do something. It was not getting better. Or worse. It was just this persistent awfulness that nothing seemed to cure. I tried Zinc, too much of it and it made my stomach hurt. I tried Vitamin C and D. Maybe they helped. The biggest difference until this point was the addition of Querticine, which you can get on Amazon. It seemed to help a bit. 

Still, I knew that I needed something stronger. I looked up therapeutics in more detail and found that among the millions in my condition, one med stood out as a possible cure. It was already way too late for HCQ. Monoclonal antibodies are completely unavailable in my area, simply because their distribution is being so controlled by the federal government. 

But there was Ivermectin. I called a friend who had a friend. I got in touch with a doctor who specializes in Covid. 

That was a great comfort. He described my symptoms exactly. He knew exactly where I was in the course of the virus. He had already seen a thousand patients with this exact thing (most likely Delta). That was tremendously comforting. He went to work immediately, prescribing me Prednisone and Ivermectin. I immediately went to the pharmacy. They happily gave me the steroid. But as for Iver, the clerk looked at the pharmacist and he shook his head - no. I could not get it. They did not reassign my prescription. I was out of luck. 

Still, I’m grateful to this doctor. He did not charge me (I only gave a donation) and he took great risks to get me help. I could see that it was all about the mission for him, and he knew he was doing this potentially in a way that could harm him professionally. I won’t give you his name but I will give you a source. It is I recommend this site. 

I called another friend and confessed my plight. It so happened that he had recently returned from Mexico with a load of Ivermectin. He gave me enough for three days. That was a glimmer of hope. He left and I took it. 

Finally a Break 

Within hours after taking Ivermectin, I felt for the first time some release of the virus control over my body. It was slight but discernible. It almost immediately made the difference. Finally something was in my body that was at least as powerful as this vicious bug. I had a glimmer of hope. The next day was better and the next day better still. 

Do I know for sure of this cause and effect? No. I do not. And yet millions of people have reported the same. We do not have proof simply because Fauci and company have not pushed serious studies. We are left to improvise and speculate, but given the emergency, this is what we must do. 

But now I was out of Ivermectin. It is supposed to be a 5 to 6 day regime. I needed more, and so another friend had heard about my plight. She had a special shipment from India and immediately put it in a Fed-Ex package for me. It arrived, and I was able to continue the treatment. In addition, she added in an antibiotic that is widely recommended to take alongside this. It is Doxycycline. I have some sense that this helped too. 

I’m now on day 15, not entirely out of the woods but 85% improved from the depths of suffering. My healing is beginning. I’m sure there are still traces of the nasty bug in me and probably will be for another week or more. 

The Apocalypse 

My case was far worse than most people’s at this late stage of the pandemic. The US just registered 1,000,000 cases in the last 48 hours. It is everywhere, mostly mild but sometimes very serious. Every single case in the end is about an individual, with a solution bound up with medical services provided by someone who cares. 

How have my views changed in light of this personal experience? I’m no longer dismissive of the lab-leak theory. This virus strikes me as not normal. It was something manufactured and very strange, not an extension of pathogens already there, but rather something entirely new and very nasty. I had never felt anything like it and I hope never to do so again. 

I’m confirmed in my conviction of two years that pandemics have no political or bureaucratic solution. They take their own course, and the best we can do is protect the vulnerable populations, while preserving the functioning of society and markets. This seems very obvious now, more than ever. Every compulsory mitigation effort flopped. 

Two years ago, they decided to lock down the whole country. The virus was nowhere near the saturation point. In fact it was barely here. Those cases in New York and elsewhere in the spring seemed like a lot. They were nothing compared with what was coming. The state only pretends to know how to control, how to mitigate, how to manage. In the end, it is all sound and fury and the virus goes its own way

This is the single worst example of state planning in my lifetime. It was egregious, incompetent, and evil. The hundreds of thousands of businesses destroyed, the millions of children whose educations have been wrecked, the family lives shattered, the careers ruined, and now the invasions with vaccine passports — the whole thing is breathtaking. 

In addition, the US wrecked its own economy by destabilizing the dollar, blowing the budget, and unleashing regulatory hell, in addition to censorship and massive control of the population. The virus came anyway. And when it finally came, we lacked access to therapies — two years wasted with an exclusive focus on vaccines, while massively neglecting and even suppressing medications to help people. 

I’m Among the Lucky Ones 

Thank you for listening to my story, one I never expected I would tell. Truth is that I’m lucky. I had connections. I got meds. Millions of others cannot say the same. How many lives might have been saved with some focus on therapeutics? Are we talking about tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands? I do not know. But the silence on this topic is a shock. 

There will be no suppressing the truth. Joe Rogan for his part is doing more than the whole media apparatus combined to get the truth out there. Great men like Robert Malone, Peter A. McCullough, Harvey Riesch, and so many others, have spoken out bravely and at great personal expense. God bless them and so many others who have stood up to despotism and lies and for treatment. There are so many heroes in this story, and so many villains. 

In closing, I wish you good health, physical and mental, during these extraordinary times. What we’ve been through no one should have to endure. There are people who did this to us. They cannot be allowed to pass quietly into the night. 


Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

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