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Reflecting on What 2020 Brought Us

George Gilder

Posted January 07, 2021

George Gilder

When we rang in the New Year in January of 2020, I don’t think anyone expected the beginning of a new dark age for learning and growth for both economies and immune systems.

C.S. Lewis’s last novel and warning, ‘Till We Have Faces, tells the story of a nation called Glome. We’re living in it now.

We should remember that the human race has escaped extinction and thrived only through the globalization of biome learning and trade. Throughout our childhoods, we educate our fusiform gyrus to recognize faces and expressions, and our immune systems to recognize billions of viruses.

A fragmented humanity and global economy are vulnerable to viral plagues of mind such as “climate change” communism and genome isolationism. Just as we have to learn from each other, so do our immune systems. Or they will wither before every foreign virus like the natives at the Mayflower.

The human race thrived not through taking from each other, but through giving. Not through locking down, but through opening up both to ideas and diseases.

Let’s celebrate this process of learning through a socially intimate Christmas spreading new worlds of knowledge and cheer.

We have to overcome a lost year. We have to move beyond an epidemic of fear. We have to transcend a clench of closed minds and immune systems, false-pandemic panic preparing for a renewed climate panic, an outsider-trading scandal stock-market boom based on four companies, the US and China adopting a mutual suicide pact, masked men running for President in order to appoint masked women, a mailed-in faux-democratic election in which it was deemed too dangerous to vote in person or even voice your views.

Through the Looking Glass

Through it all, my team of incredible analysts and I found multiple ways for our readers to learn, profit, and invest in the ideas I talk about day-to-day: The Cryptocosm, supply-side economics, the Microcosm, IoT, China, AI, WiFi6 and more.

I think this year has vindicated the strategy of finding unique views and ignoring the “news.” For me, 2020 was the best year of my life for investments.

Looking ahead to 2021, we have much to be excited for and many opportunities to pursue.

Some themes I will be keeping a close eye on are the Israel Test, the Taiwan Test, Luminary Life After Silicon, the crypto and information theory convergence, internet and financial blockchains, and time prices that overthrow almost all the prevailing economic data, from GNP debt-piles to so-called “negative interest rates.” Money that cheats time and steals from youth cannot measure creative progress.

Time flees. I hope you can take this time to escape from masked Glome into glory in the divine and revel in time with those you love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder's Daily Prophecy

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