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Ron Paul, Deleted by YouTube

Posted October 01, 2021

Jeffrey Tucker

It surely cannot get worse, right? Incorrect. The censorship is intensifying by the day. My own LinkedIn account is now heavily regulated in a way that is out of my own control. Here I thought this platform was a bit more lenient than the others. But no: their algorithms are going after specific content (all Covid related for now), domains, and accounts. I can feel it in my bones that I’m now on the radar.

I’ve had so many friends in this position. They think they are safe. Then they get dinged by one platform, then another, then it intensifies. In a flash, everything they have worked to rebuild is summarily deleted. It’s getting more and more aggressive. Now YouTube is working to delete millions of videos expressing some doubt about universal vaccine mandates. Scientists, doctors, pharma executives, doesn’t matter. They are all being gagged.

Still, I get shocked by the latest. I expect it but still I’m stunned. I’m amazed that YouTube just deleted the entire YouTube account of the Ron Paul Institute. No warning. No explanation. No appeal. It was just zapped away. It was not the main account that Ron used and it is not clear why it happened.

He writes on Twitter as follows:

Very shocked that @YouTube has completely removed the Channel of my Ron Paul Institute: no warning, no strikes, no evidence. Only explanation was "severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines." Channel is rarely used. The appeal was automatically rejected. Help?

Why do you suppose this happened? I see only one explanation: it’s a punishment for his opinions and careers. Nothing in particular on the channel crossed the censors. The censors are now just randomly taking down opinions of people they do not like. It’s part of the political purge about which I wrote a few days ago. It is an attempt to purify all platforms of dissent.

The Purge

Last year at this time, the censorship was already bad. But it seemed only to happen to people with views regarded as extreme. Also if your accounts did not get much traffic, they seemed to leave you alone. That was my theory last year, that you could stay out of the way of censors provided you had little influence. This year that changed. Even accounts with just a handful of followers started being zapped.

Then the idea became that they only delete people who say certain bad things about vaccines. The “anti-vaxxers,” as they are called. Ok, if that is true, it is easy enough to keep your accounts. You only need to stay away from that topic. But then the topics that were being deleted kept expanding. Anything that seemed to contradict the main media narrative was deleted.

We’ve now crossed into a new area. It’s no longer about what you say. It’s about who you are and what you have otherwise said in other venues. So it’s become personal, a push to drive out all forms of dissent, no matter what else. In my opinion, the targeting of Ron Paul here is a sign that they will go after anyone who makes himself an enemy of the state.

My prediction is that Ron himself will face more of this. It will be his Twitter account. Then his other YouTube channel. So it will go until he is utterly and completely cancelled. Then it will be his followers, anyone self identified libertarian.

This intensification of the censorship agenda is now in a new realm. Essentially. the Biden administration is using big tech in a drive to crush all opposing views, bringing about an attempted monopolization of all thought in the United States.

Here is another example. My friend Michael Senger posted the following:

So just to clarify: I can go unvaccinated against polio, tetanus, hepatitis, measles and mumps, but if I refuse this one mRNA shot for a virus with a 0.2% IFR that doesn’t stop transmission and requires boosters every few months, I can’t go to public spaces and may lose my job?

The tweetr makes perfect sense. Nothing is false. It raises an obvious point that illustrates the absurdity of the mandates. It reaches hundreds of thousands of people and users loved it. It was spread all over the planet. Then suddenly Twitter labelled it false. Then you could no longer like or retweet it. If you try, you get a little lecture from Twitter to stop trying to like untrue things.

He too is on the list. He will be targeted. The war is on.

What Happened to Utopia?

It’s within my living professional memory that most people in the tech world loved freedom. The Internet was glorious, packed with diversity. The old system of three channels and one opinion was being broken up. The world was becoming enlightened. A new freedom would dawn. Or so many believed. I believed it.

Now these same people seem to have thrown themselves into the worst form of censorious and authoritarian tactics. They are ruthless and unforgiving — digital Stalinists who hide their identities and work behind screens. They have turned it into sport.

Why? Some blame the universities for promoting woke ideology. Others say Bill Gates’s grotesque ideology became the orthodoxy. Or maybe all these companies finally just acquiesced to pressure from government — or possibly even from China.

The switch of the tech sector from mildly libertarian to become as censorious and vicious as totalitarians of old is a shock. It totally betrays the history and intent of the Internet revolution. We can bemoan this and condemn this, but it is pointless to deny it.

To get a feel for what this looks like in the coming year, I suggest some movies such as 1984, The Matrix, Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, or Equilibrium. Nothing is out of bounds.

The Washington Post said that Democracy Dies in Darkness, with a vague hint that Trump was bringing it on. Maybe. But the world they and their friends have hatched is darker still.

Big tech will have as much success in suppressing political dissent as governments in general have had in suppressing a virus.

Jeffrey Tucker

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