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The Cleansing Fire Is Here

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted November 18, 2022

Jeffrey Tucker

Wow, what a remarkable few days it has been! 

It was spectacular enough to see a 30-year-old billionaire go from riches to rags in a mere 48 hours. FTX was the second-most-highly-capitalized crypto exchange in the world. They didn’t own a single bitcoin. Instead, they invested in their own token called FTT, which rose to $50 per before falling like a rock to $1, even as the company declared chapter 11. 

At its height, the firm was doing $10 billion in trading volume per day. It bought the naming rights to sports teams and stadiums. It was advertised during the Super Bowl. It drew major figures to its lair in the Bahamas, including Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. It received $2 billion in venture capital funding. On one phone call with Sequoia Capital, the founder Sam Bankman-Fried was playing a video game, and the investors loved it. Throw money at this guy, they said! 

How bonkers had the world become? With crypto rising and rising during the pandemic, these people marketed themselves as socially conscious investors, champions of woke causes like veganism and against climate change, and pushed ESG and DEI standards of business operations, while giving away hundreds of millions in charity. 

The Scam

Meanwhile, the company was using depositor funds to prop up its investment arm of Alameda Research, which started using its own funding to buy failing crypto companies – how generous! – to keep the scam going. 

Meanwhile, it gets crazier. This exchange was the favorite of the Ukrainian government, which used FTX as its favorite exchange to launder money from US tax dollars into dollars, while FTX earned enough profit from the scam to become the largest donor to the Democratic National Committee. 

So far, this FTX scandal seems like many past scandals all rolled into one: the Iran-Contra funding caper, the S&L debacle of 1986, Eron, Bernie Madoff, and Elizabeth Holmes. 

The COVID Caper 

How does this later fit in? Hold on to your seats for this one: FTX was a major funder of pro-lockdown COVID causes, shelling out millions to Johns Hopkins University, anti-Ivermectin studies, and otherwise laundering money through Sam’s brother’s political action committee. 

The Washington Post has summed it all up: “The shock waves from FTX’s free fall have rippled across the public health world, where numerous leaders in pandemic-preparedness had received funds from FTX funders or were seeking donations.”

Shock waves! Across the public health world! Received funds or seeking donations?

My goodness, we can only assume that if The Washington Post says this, the reality is far worse. 

How many scientists were on the payroll of this Ponzi scheme? How many media outlets benefitted from stolen funds? How many nonprofits had the time of their lives advocating for lockdowns that destroyed the world while they rake in millions and billions from these chumps?

Keep in mind that The Wall Street Journal is right now documenting the fact that FTX was moving billions to unnamed parties. We are talking real money, money that distorted the whole of public life everywhere in the world. 

How the Fantasy Was Funded

We all knew for the last three years that something was seriously amiss. How is it possible that learned professors would go on TV night after night and say utterly untrue things about COVID and the vaccines? Are they stupid? Who was paying them to lie all day every day for nearly three years?

The FTX scandal might in fact be the key to unlocking the whole racket. 

Now that it has fallen apart, all the parties that benefitted are in a panic about where their next funding round is coming from. Johns Hopkins has already canceled its fellows program for next year, and the head of the Pandemic Planning center has publicly lamented the falling part of the scam. 

Why did this all happen just as the midterms ended? Lots of the explanation has to do with the reversal of Fed policy. Jerome Powell keeps not being deterred from raising rates and restricting credit that drove the world to the point of insanity. He wants to crush inflation, but the numbers aren’t showing that he can achieve that. M2 is still some $6 trillion above its supply of early 2020. There’s still a long way to go. 

FTX as Metaphor

Let’s try to think of the bigger picture here. The unraveling of FTX might serve as a metaphor for a larger issue. Over the last decade and a half, beginning with the Fed’s zero interest rate policy, the whole world seems to have gone insane. Loose money was on the hunt for return from anywhere but where it could traditionally be found in the normal process of saving.

As a result, capital flowed to the wackiest possible sectors. Over the course of these years, cranks and crazies of all sorts have been unleashed on the world, including people who believe that the purpose of business is not to make profits but rather to fund social revolution, oddballs who have convinced the world that fossil fuels need to be eliminated by force, nutty cultural theories that there really is no biological distinction between men and women, and once-thoughtful scientists who imagined that shutting down the world economy was the right way to control a virus.

It’s all been so strange, and it really has culminated in the idea that some 30-year-old kids on the spectrum could load themselves up with amphetamines in the Bahamas and become a major funding spigot for institutions, politicians, and academicians to push for the dystopian worldview of the World Economic Forum.

These days, and with the help of Jerome Powell at the Fed who has reversed the main Fed policy of the last decade and a half, it all seems to be coming apart, piece by piece. If we really are entering into a new age of tight credit and more honest money, FTX could be just the beginning of the companies that will take a deep fall.

We are already seeing tech companies cut down to size but the data I’m looking at suggests that the Fed has a very long way to go before it can control inflation, which means we are going to see far more of this in the near future and following.

Blessed Days 

Despite the pain, this is all to the good. We’ve all known in our hearts that something has gone very wrong with the world in recent years. The forces of economics and the reality of the balance sheet are revealing it all right now. The lies have gone on far too long. It’s not the regulators who have exposed it all but rather the forces of the market itself, along with the newly freed Twitter.

The cleansing fire is here. Thankfully. The insanity of not just the last three years but the last 14 are going up in smoke. Yes, there is a lot of pain, but truth tends to be that way. The world is being righted, and the fraudsters and hucksters are being exposed. The markets have finally having their way against the machinations of the Fed and all the many fake companies they caused to thrive at the expense of the rest of us. 

I cannot emphasize the irony enough. It’s all coming together: the racket of fiat money, terrible Fed policy, woke ideology, COVID controls, media corruption, and the bubble of big tech. In all, I would say it’s been a fairly good week. 

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