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The Electoral Rout Could Become the Revolution

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted November 04, 2021

Jeffrey Tucker

I’ve been waiting many months for some good news to report. Today is the day. Let us hope it is just the beginning.

Quick proviso: the changes needed to get the country and world back on track to prosperity and flourishing are not fully realized in politics. We need dramatic cultural, social, and legal transformation, one that is far reaching and permanent. And yet it also has a political expression. For now. On that front, there is nothing but good to report.

What’s significant about Tuesday is not the remarkable upset in the Virginia gubernatorial race. What’s remarkable is the depth and breadth of the blow to the regime, sweeping through the whole state. Seats that Democrats had held very comfortably were taken away. And the reasons were the same in each case: economy, education, and virus restrictions.

As Jeff Childers wrote:

In what lefty pollster Larry Sabato called a “bloodbath,” Republicans swept Virginia’s elections last night. The GOP handily won the Governorship (Glenn Youngkin), the Lieutenant Governorship (Winsome Sears), and the Attorney General’s office (Jason Miyares). Republicans also gained four Virginia house seats, leaving them two members shy of a majority. In the House of Delegates, Republicans now have a majority.

There are historic elements to the win. Republican Winsome Sears, a former Marine, became the first black female Lt. Governor in Virginia’s history. Jason Miyares is the state’s first Cuban-American Attorney General.

This development shows some pretty deep problems for pro-lockdown, anti-parent Democrats all over the country. Virginia is a deep blue state. Current Governor and cozy Clinton confidante Terry McAuliffe had been described as “unbeatable.” Just yesterday, Biden confidently predicted McAuliffe’s win, in a state he won easily one year ago. But according to White House officials, Biden declined to take McAuliffe’s call last night after the election.

He also speaks to the stunning upsets in Pennsylvania that have received less attention:

In the Pennsylvania elections, Republicans swept all the contests except one or two that are too close to call. Conservative wins included ALL the state’s judicial elections....

We Will Not Live in Cages

All of these wins trace to a hard repudiation of lockdowns, of course. In the case of education, the schools were locked shut last year and parents were forced to keep the kids at home. They involved themselves in their education and helping them with their textbooks and lessons. They sat in on their zoom classes.

They were astonished at what they discovered. Their kids were being divided by race and told that one race is inherently exploitative and the other permanently victimized. This wildly divisive message was considered mainstream by the teachers who were presenting material pushed by the school boards.

The seething began slowly, but as teachers refused to go back to work, intensifying pain on families, the moms got angry. When the schools finally reopened, the kids had masks forced on them. They were also subjected to lockdowns every time there was a positive case. It led to a year and a half of chaos.

School board meetings grew chaotic. The cops were called. Many parents were thrown out and some arrested. It became a badge of honor. Then the Democratic candidate for governor put a fine point on it. He catastrophically said that parents should not be in charge of what their students are taught.

That seems to have done it. It prompted the electoral rout based in a wild anger at what the lockdowns, leftists, and their henchmen have done at all levels of society.

As for the economy, Virginia is emblematic of the whole country right now. There are high prices for everything, especially gas. The stores have randomly empty shelves. Labor shortages have hit small businesses. Everyone is struggling and scared.

Meanwhile the monopoly party that controls the federal government seems clueless about the crisis developing at all levels of society.The arrogance of the Democrats at the state level seemed to mirror that.

This is the first real test of the party that now owns all these lockdowns, mandates, and impositions on liberty. The result is a complete and total disaster for the Democrats. The rethinking of everything began at 12:30am on November 3, 2021. They might see for the first time in a long time that there is no mandate in the United States for socialism, Critical Race Theory, inflation, and shortages. They are facing calamity now.

The Truckdriver vs. the Big Shot

The race for New Jersey governor is too close to call but just saying that is stunning. The betting odds at the Democrat incumbent favored at 90%. Whether a Republican or Democrat takes the state changes nothing about the shockwaves the results have already caused.

The most exciting race in New Jersey happened at a lower level, in the 3rd legislative district. The seat of Senate President Steve Sweeney, the longest-serving legislative leader in New Jersey history, was never in question. But he is likely going to lose it to Edward Durr, a conservative truck driver who reported spending just $153 on his campaign. Durr did not give speeches, had no website, and had no employees. All he had was a facebook page. Boom: he got the job done.

This is a sign of something approaching revolution. Durr is a blue collar worker, a paradigmatic case of a person horribly victimized by all these covid policies that have wrecked life in the US and the economy.

Democracy Saves the Day

Tuesday gives us every indication that an anachronistic political establishment is being swept away in favor of a new class of people dedicated to traditional American ideals. Such as freedom. Such as independence. Such as the rights of self government.

Remember the reason the 19th-century liberals favored democracy. It was never intended as a perfect system that would end all corruption. The point was to have a system that enabled the peaceful transition of power without the ghastly social and economic cost of bloody coups and revolutions. It allows the people some hope of prevailing against a corrupt political establishment.

At this point, democracy is our biggest hope for getting the US back on the track for prosperity and peace. It will take 10, 20, or even 30 years to recover from the horrors of 2020 and following. But perhaps November 2, 2021, will be remembered as the day that the country began fixing the damage inflicted by the old political establishment.

The new dawn will be a long time coming, but at least we see now the path the revolution will take and the hope it will bring to this long-suffering nation. They tried to put us in cages. We will break free.


Jeffrey Tucker

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