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The Fauci Email Dump Proves the Trifecta’s Lockdown Plot

Posted June 03, 2021

Jeffrey Tucker

I never expected to type these words: Good for the Washington Post.

The paper put out a Freedom of Information Request for the emails of Anthony Fauci. The result is 861 pages of mostly unredacted content. You can examine them yourself. Enjoy your front row seat in re-living these 15 months of hell in which every classic American value was tossed in the trash and replaced by dictatorship of mad-scientists.

We’ve all asked the question: why did the lockdowns and destruction of all Western values happen? There’s not one answer. But part of the answer — these emails demonstrate — is that Fauci was effectively working as a handmaiden of the Chinese Communist Party and major media signed up to help him. (Part of me cannot believe I just typed those sentences; and no, it’s not an exaggeration.)

The New York Times Pushes Lockdowns

There’s a tremendous amount to learn about the unfolding of unlockdowns, but one exchange stands out to me in particular. It is a back and forth between Fauci and a New York Times reporter named Donald J. McNeil, Jr. In his heyday of last year, before being fired this year for having used an off-color term in front of others years earlier, he was an enormously powerful voice for lockdowns. Indeed, he set the tone for the media line for the better part of a year.

My first exposure to the guy was from the Daily podcast of the New York Times, from February 27, 2020. We all knew there was a virus on the loose but no one then really imagined we would do something unthinkable. It was McNeil who was given a platform to create national panic. It was that day that the New York Times signed up to be the voice of lockdowns.

It was the darkest day that I can remember. Simply because I understood the implications of what he said, not that it was true, but that the NYT gave its pages over to a guy promoting not only irrational panic but also advocating the end of freedom itself.

On the podcast, McNeil said that this pandemic “reminds” him of the Spanish flu of 1918. “I’m trying to bring a sense that if things don’t change, a lot of us might die,” he said. “If you have 300 relatively close friends and acquaintances, six of them would die in a 2.5% mortality situation.”

Great going there, Donald. He overestimated the death rate by 25 times (in the US case). He promoted the idea that you get it from surfaces, which we now know to be wildly exaggerated. Mostly his purpose was to promote lockdowns as the only viable way to mitigate the severe consequences of a new pathogen.

His idea policy: “You can’t leave. You can’t see your families. All the flights are canceled. All the trains are canceled. All the highways are closed. You’re going to stay inside there. And you’re locked in with a deadly disease. We can do it…”

Creepy, right? He was just beginning. He explained that China did it right but, “We’re not mentally prepared to fight a sort of people’s war against an epidemic, which is what happened in China.”

The next day, the paper ran his article: “To Take On the Coronavirus, Go Medieval on It.” “There are two ways to fight epidemics: the medieval and the modern,” he explained. “The modern way is to surrender to the power of the pathogens… The medieval way, inherited from the era of the Black Death, is brutal: Close the borders, quarantine the ships, open terrified citizens up inside their poisoned cities… Harsh measures horrify civil libertarians, but they often save lives, especially when they are imposed in the early days.”

Be like China, was his message. Lock everything and everyone away for the duration.

Fauci’s Medieval Solution

For whom was McNeil speaking? The Fauci emails give the answer: it was for Fauci himself. On February 21, 2020, Fauci wrote McNeil: “I always answer your calls and emails.”

On February 25 at 4:30pm, McNeil wrote Fauci to report on China’s wonderful lockdown policy. The South China Morning Post has “great coverage,” he said. “The truth is that a lot of average Chinese behaved incredibly heroically... Meanwhile, in American, people tend to act like selfish pigs, interested only in saving themselves,” add derisively that Trump “is popular in Alabama.”

“You make some very good points, Donald,” responded Fauci.

McNeil also celebrated one Bruce Aylward in his writing and on podcasts. Fauci even initiated an email to McNeil that said, “Your interview with Bruce Alyward was the best discussion of COVID-19 that I have seen thus far. Great job!”

Who is this? He is Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the World Health Organization. He represented WHO on a junket to China in mid February. He returned (without quarantining) telling the press: “If I had COVID-19, I’d want to be treated in China... They’ve done this at scale, they know what they’re doing. They’re really, really good at it, and they’re really keen to help.” State media in China immediately saw Aylward’s value and trumpeted his remarks throughout the population.

So there you have it. Fauci loves Aylward, Aylward loves China and dictates policy at the WHO, which in turned loves lockdowns, while McNeil, the most influential virus reporter at the most influential American news outlet, agrees to work with Fauci and broadcast WHO/China propaganda throughout the US to make the case for panic and lockdowns.

Facebook Enlists in the Lockdown Army

We aren’t done just yet. The emails also reveal, thanks to a separate email dump by Buzzfeed, that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg signed on also. On March 15, 2020, he wrote to Fauci that “we could help you get your message out.” He wanted Facebook to become the venue for enforcing compliance with the lockdowns, which were only one day away from going nationwide. Fauci was happy and agreed to make videos for Facebook.

So here you have the world’s most popular platform already signing up to be a venue to curate all information on the platform in a way that fits with the Fauci/Aylward/WHO/CCP agenda. Again, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you spent all your time dreaming up conspiracy theories. And yet here it is in black and white, proof of what amounts to the CCP-ization of America.

The implications of all of this are awesome to contemplate. The Republicans are a shabby bunch, but even the slowest among them can surely see what this means. These emails are a treasure trove for political partisans, the stuff of which years of hearings are made.

Today’s Prophecy

What happens when the American people finally grasp the full implications here? Where will public opinion be when it becomes fully obvious that in these last 15 months, the US constitution came to be replaced by a CCP-style regime that has no regard for freedom and rights?

Plenty of powerful people in America today want the memory of lockdowns to go away. No hearings. No recriminations. No investigations. No second guesses. They want the last word to be that pushed by media and publishing companies: it was all a great idea and it’s how we beat the virus. Why? So that lockdowns are forever threatened and tried again for the next grand crisis to come along.

This will not happen. These emails make that impossible. Prepare yourself for many years ahead of astonishing revelations, and for a full discrediting of everyone and everything that cooperated in this calamity without modern precedent.


Jeffrey Tucker

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