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The Regime is Falling Apart

Posted June 16, 2022

Every ruling class needs a public communication tool. If you know how to read it carefully, you can find out what’s going on behind the scenes. 

This is why Pravda under the old Soviet state was a popular newspaper. Everyone knew it was propaganda but there was enough true stuff in there to reveal hints as to party dynamics and current struggles. 

Any guesses as to what newspaper that is for the US ruling class? You know the answer: The New York Times. It serves as the voice of power. It always has. That said, it is an essential read because you can find out what’s going on behind the scenes if you read carefully with your decoder ring on. 

The Times Warns

This is why my own dark night of the soul was February 27, 2020, when the NYT aired a podcast designed to gin up public disease panic. At that moment, I saw what was coming: lockdowns, vast spending, inflation, demoralization, and the biggest challenge to liberty in our lifetimes. The NYT was sending out the signal that the Great Reset would commence shortly. 

So I take their stuff very seriously as a peak into the aspirations and fears of the regime. Today, the NYT ran the following very alarming paragraphs. When you consider the implications, it’s rather awesome. Maybe great. Maybe terrible. Either way, it could be momentous: 

Covid-19 [lockdowns] cut sharply into that feeling of well-being; this was initially seen as temporary, though, and trillions of dollars flowed into keeping people afloat. But then near-double-digit inflation hit consumers for the first time in 40 years; 60 percent of voters now see the economy as weak and 48 percent say their financial situation is worsening, according to a Harris Poll conducted April 20-21. Many Americans under 60 have relatively little experience with anything but comparatively low fuel costs, negligible interest rates and stable prices. 

Virtually overnight these assumptions have been shaken. Only 35 percent approve of President Biden’s handling of inflation.

These economic blows are just one element in a cascading set of problems all hitting at the same time. It combines the nuclear anxieties of the 1950s and ’60s with the inflation threat of the ’70s, the crime wave of the ’80s and ’90s and the tensions over illegal immigration in the 2000s and beyond. This electorate is not experiencing a malaise, as President Jimmy Carter was once apocryphally said to have proclaimed, but has instead formed into a deep national fissure ready to blow like a geyser in the next election if leadership does not move to relieve the pressure.

Oh great! Three quarters of a century of public anxieties and anger all rolled into one calamitous moment! Thanks for letting us know this, fellas! This is obviously some kind of turning point in American history, so much so that the NYT is sounding the alarm. 

This warning comes at the same time as former president Obama, along with Psaki and many others have begun to rail against free speech online, which they say is the major source of what they call “misinformation.” 

It’s hard not to conclude from these speeches and communications that in the ideal world, for these people, government alone would be able to determine what is sayable, and therefore what people should think. 

Adding to that series of speeches, we have some truly bizarre statements coming from various administration officials, including of course Anthony Fauci. They are aggressively and publicly saying what I never imagined anyone would say. They are saying that courts should have no juridical oversight concerning the decisions of public health bureaucracies. 

If so, the same would pertain to every single executive agency in government! That rule would be an outright and complete overthrow of the US Constitution in every respect. It would permanently destabilize private property, free association, free enterprise, and human liberty itself. 

But here’s the thing. The administration has appealed the district court decision to an appeals court that is likely to ratify the lower court’s decision. This means the establishment of a real and binding precedent that will apply to the CDC but could also apply to other agencies. Wouldn’t that be something? Imagine if the blunders of the Biden administration actually end up tying the hands of federal bureaucracies for the foreseeable future. 

Just goes to show you how mistake prone even the smartest and most powerful people can be. 

The Meltdown 

The ongoing meltdown today is best represented by the astounding news that Elon Musk has apparently prevailed over the uninvested and stodgy board of directors. They are finally recognizing that they have no choice but to defer to the stockholders who stand to make a lot of money from the sale. 

Why should this matter so much? Twitter is just one platform and not the one with the most reach. The reason is demographic: it has enlisted vast numbers of influencers and powerful voices and is about as democratic in its technological functioning as a platform can be. But for several years, the company has worked to build an algorithmic machine to exclude views that contradict regime priorities. 

It is not quite nationalized but very close. 

Musk sees this as an opportunity to de-nationalize Twitter, effectively returning it to the free marketplace as a tool for free speech and consistent application of its terms of use. 

If that happens, wow, the screeching will be deafening. Actually it already is. When the news broke this morning that Twitter seems to have accepted Musk’s “best and final offer,” it was like an explosion went off. 

Here’s what delights me about all of this. We’ve lived through some of the darkest times in history when human creativity and safety and health have all been attacked directly and ferociously by deep state operatives who targeted the institutions of civilized life with something strange and despotic. The backlash is finally here. 

The backlash will not be all at once. It could be gradual and extend over many years. But the direction this is going (for now) can only be good for liberty and prosperity. If we really do get guarantees that the administrative state has limits, that will be brilliant for the whole of humanity. 

This is why Musk’s emancipationist move is being greeted with such a cacophony of celebration and condemnation. The stakes are truly that high. 

The Dangers 

All of this sounds glorious, but there is a massively complicating factor: the possibility of a deepening economic crisis. Inflation plus recession plus food shortages plus falling financials could all combine to change public sentiment dramatically. And all of this could be hitting even as a new party takes control of the House, the Senate, and eventually the Presidency, which means that the GOP will eventually be blamed for the whole mess. 

Sadly, the toggle between progress and regress is never a linear line. There could be several more rounds of upheaval before we settle back to find a safe and prosperous future, if we ever do. For now, there really is a cause for celebration. The Great Reset itself has been reset, and that’s a good beginning. 


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