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The Story Behind Two FDA Officials Resignation

Posted September 02, 2021

Jeffrey Tucker

If two top vaccine regulators at the FDA had flat-out resigned during the Trump years, it would have pushed all other news off the headlines. The New York Times would have published 5,000-word stories with their best reporters assigned to the job. It would have been touted as a devastating blow to the administration’s top priority. We would all be talking about it.

But because this happened under the Biden administration, and concerns one of the world’s most powerful industrial interests, we experience silence. So far as I know, the Times has not reported on it. It barely got mentioned by media outlets at all. But within the medical community and public health generally, this is a huge deal.

What happened? The Federal Drug Administration has a division that specializes in vaccines. It was to be up to this department to give the final green light to the vaccines that are still operating under a special emergency-use provision. It would also be charged with approving the boosters now demanded by Anthony Fauci at the NIH and being eyed by pharm-despots everywhere.

Instead, two top career scientists at the FDA have turned in their resignations on the same day. Leaving the agency are Office of Vaccines Research and Review Director Marion Gruber, and Deputy Director Phillip Krause. Gruber leaves at the end of October and Krause is gone a few weeks later. The long notice is surely to do with guaranteeing their benefits package.

Neither gave actual reasons for the departure, leaving everyone else to speculate. There is an emerging battle taking place between the Biden administration, the NIH and CDC, and the FDA over these vaccines. The FDA has a many-decades-old penchant for extreme testing, keeping drugs caught in the approval process for trial after trial. It’s part of their bureaucratic culture, and it vastly increases the costs associated with drug approvals. Arguably, the FDA’s ways have cost lives too. But it’s how they roll, making sure that every drug that is available legally to you and me is “safe and effective.”

The vaccine rollout has taken the opposite course, mostly under political pressure to get it out there and get it done. This first happened with the Trump administration and its Operation Warp Speed. Indeed, the speed of the rollout shocked everyone. It was a race to tax-funded gold and profitability. That also helps account for the surprising effectiveness of the vaccine as advertised early. They said it was 94% for the mRNA technology — results generated by methods that no one in the industry has since been able to defend.

It Did Not Work

The World Health Organization was so optimistic about the vaccine that in June of 2020, it actually changed the definition of herd immunity on its own website. The new definition excluded even the existence of natural immunity. The belief was that this new technology — which was not an old-fashioned inoculation but, rather a symptom-slicing pre-therapeutic — would actually stop people from getting infected. A whole population that had been jabbed would be protected.

Then, this summer, something strange happened. The most vaccinated nation in the world, Israel, began to release some devastating information. People were still coming down with Covid. People were still spreading Covid. The viral load in the patients was the same whether vaccinated or not. The vaccine might have curbed some severe effects, but tracing even that cause and effect is not as easy as it might first appear.

The information alarmed the CDC so much that it completely reversed course, seriously annoying the Biden administration that had made the vaccine its top priority. The president himself had been telling people for weeks that if you get the shot, you will not get sick. That turned out not to be true. The CDC knew it and said it outright, plus re-imposed its mask guidance.

It also created problems for the vaccine mandates. They were premised on the idea that the vaccine was the gold ticket to be free from the pandemic. Get everyone vaccinated and all liability for disease spread disappears — except that it turned out not to be true. In the meantime, the stories about “breakthrough” cases began to circulate far and wide, as our own family members who were vaccinated started testing positive again. As the data began to appear, it became ever more obvious that such cases were not the exception, but closer to the rule.

Matters got worse for the vaccine, as studies began to appear showing that immunity was waning much faster than anyone expected. Six months seemed to be the time frame for those vaccinated, and then — big shock — the people who complied were vulnerable to whatever variant was circulating at the time. The Delta variant seemed particularly clever at outsmarting the mRNA technology. Natural immunities, on the other hand, were proving to be more robust.

Today, there is no argument that natural immunity is more effective. The WHO even changed back its website. Now it says that herd immunity can be achieved in multiple ways with vaccination as one possible path.

The Third Shot

In Israel, the vaccine companies proposed a solution: get another shot! Very interesting suggestion. Where are the studies showing that this would work, that this would be safer than just getting the dark bug with a 99.9% survival rate? There were no studies. There still are not. But the government was already committed to its plan and mandated the boosters. Soon you will not be considered fully vaccinated in Israel after six months with only two shots. Amazing.

Now we are finally onto the latest news. Have you heard about the Mu variant? It has been circulating since January, but is now making great strides in Latin America. If it makes its way here, sometime during the next week, which it surely will, you will start hearing about the need for a second booster for a total of four shots. For now. Until the next variant and the next. As it turns out, you have signed up for a lifetime of visits to the local pharmacy with needles injected into your arm while carrying around an electronic app on your phone that fully documents your compliance with tax-funded, state mandates.

This is obviously a nightmare unfolding here. The FDA officials saw this one coming and wanted nothing to do with it. It’s hardly unusual for government bureaucrats not to want to take responsibility for their decisions. The entire structure of bureaucracy builds that into the system. So why would they resign?

My friend Murray Rothbard had a rule that says “no one resigns.” What he meant by that is that there is never a pure reason for a person to walk away from a secure and high-paid job. It rarely happens. People are forced out more commonly. Sometimes they run away as a method of avoiding some impending disaster. In any case, his rule was that there is always a deeper story to be told.

Is impending disaster what we are faced with on these vaccines? Remember that they are a new and completely untested technology, funded with tax dollars and controlled by corporate monopolists. Such does not have a good track record. A failure here would be a public-relations disaster for government and everyone involved. It is possible that the FDA officials could see this coming. Perhaps they know something we do not. In any case, it doesn’t bode well for the future of vaccinations or government-run disease mitigation.

Total Meltdown

When lockdowns happened in March of 2020, I had — and you did too — a strong premonition that something awful was on its way. You cannot be this cavalier with essential freedoms and expect things to end smoothly or well. It does seem like we are moving from disaster to disaster. If it turns out that the vaccines are nothing like what they were cracked up to be, and even prove to be dangerous, there will be no going back. It will be the blackest market on state planning in the developed world to happen in generations.

The stock of Moderna started moving in April 2020 when it was $31. Now it is $381. If something is to go terribly wrong, this would be the stock price to watch. I guarantee that this price will reveal more than you will ever read in the NYT.

Jeffrey Tucker

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