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Three of the Best Cryptocosm Articles of 2020

George Gilder

Posted December 29, 2020

George Gilder

As a Gilder’s Daily Prophecy reader, you get my insights and technology predictions on a daily basis.

I’m always ready to share the ideas I’m tracking, the information I gather from my years of research and knowledge, and I even detail my travels around the globe.

But there’s one topic I’m always laser-focused on: the Cryptocosm.

Here are my top three articles on the Cryptocosm in 2020.

#1 A 20-20 Perspective from the Man on the Margin

As my readers who reached the final chapters of Life After Google know, ever since the untimely death of Jude Wanniski, my best guide on matters of money has been a six-foot-five-inch pilot for American Airlines. Operating at 35,000 feet where everything is clear and free of academic smog, Mike Kendall is a worthy follower of the Wall Street Journal supply-side paragon Jude.

Here, I turn to Kendall to get a true 20-20 perspective on the crypto space. He did not disappoint. I offer his bracing views in this Prophecy.

You can read more here.

# 2 Life After Capitalism

For the past three years Ive been writing and speaking on the subject of Life After Google: the potential move of the world economy beyond the dual crises of internet hacking of private data and central bank hacking of global money. I said online commerce is moving into the Cryptocosm, a new blockchain based architecture for networks and finance. By supplying a new and unimpeachable security model for personal data and identity, the Cryptocosm remedies both the global debauch of money and the porous pyramid of the internet, where all money, data and power rises to the top to a few online leviathans in the US and China.

Click here for the full rundown.

#3 It’s Time to Shift the Economy Back into Gear

A goal is to deploy what we call a new COSM architecture for the internet, 5G wireless, and even world finance. If this goal can be achieved, perhaps we can get telecom gear off the “entities list.” As voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telecom pioneer Daniel Berninger explains, “With Lucent and Bell Labs back in the fold, we no longer will have to be paranoid about Huawei.”

This “internet reboot” is the largest opportunity in world technology. It can provide huge new markets for high tech companies building a new global network from the fragmentary fiasco of the current system. Our COSM can even refocus the US economy on revolutionary new high technology infrastructure and manufacturing rather than on an ever-greater engorgement of financial hypertrophy. The big banks that dominate the US economy are so regulated by the government that they scarcely differ from nationalized banks in China. The larger they grow, the slower the US economy grows.

In terms of our “master algorithm,” the COSM constitutes the reintegration of the great themes of Information Theory. It takes a low entropy carrier to bear high entropy content and creativity. Pioneered in the mid-20th Century by Claude Shannon at MIT and Bell Labs, the new COSM will join the distributed security of cryptographic blockchain with the creative surprises of an American entrepreneurial and technological revival.

You can find out all of the details here.


George Gilder
Editor, Gilder's Daily Prophecy

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