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What Is the Biggest Scandal?

Jeffrey Tucker

Posted January 06, 2022

Jeffrey Tucker

I’m looking now at the New York Times case data, which gets worse each day. Actually, by any standard, except perhaps from a realistic epidemiologist who understands how these things go, the data are beyond belief. It’s not just cases but also hospitalizations. And it’s not even regionally targeted. Some places are worse than others but everyone is affected. 


My experts tell me that this data is underestimated by 10 times, maybe more. People are devouring at-home tests because they do not want to stand out in the cold waiting for an official PCR test. That’s provided that you can even get one. The lines are so long that some people have to book appointments a full week in advance. 

Amazon also offers in-home tests, but the delays are 4 days and longer just to get them. When you are sick and don’t know for sure, this is not worth the wait. The rush to test has become the latest madness in our mass formation psychosis. 

Business closures and flight cancellations are very high. These are not closures forced by government (unlike in March 2020); these are made necessary by staffing shortages due to illness and quarantine rules. In fact, governments have gone the other direction, urging people to go to work and school as best they can. 

No one thinks shutdowns are remotely possible and no one anymore believes that they somehow achieve anything over the long run. This is at least some consolation for Americans. Not so much so for people in many European countries, to say nothing of China, which has locked down yet again. 

This all happened so fast and furiously in ways that have shocked all experts. Many people were frankly misled by the charts. We saw cases rising and rising and then falling and assumed it was over. Then there was a second wave. Then a third one. All the while we assumed that the worst was over. The pandemic was either over or ending. 

Then in the first week of December, everything changed. Covid became the real deal for tens of millions of Americans. They said it was Omicron and it is mild. Maybe. Delta is still out there and it is not yet clear that Omicron is mild or that it is dominant. There is so much we don’t know, and just because we can attach a fancy name to a virus does not mean that we truly understand it. 

One infectious disease expert explained it to me this way. Think of the lockdowns as a lid on a big pot of water. The infection is the flame underneath the pot. The water boils and boils but the lid is on tightly. The lid is the lockdowns and the restrictions, all the ways in which people have thus far managed to avoid this thing. Then one day, it all explodes. 

There is absolutely nothing on God’s green earth that governments can do to stop the explosion of infection, especially with a variant 70x more communicable than the original. The Biden administration even admits this now, reduced only to the message that everyone should get vaccinated, not to prevent infection, but to reduce the severity of the disease. There is probably truth in that, from my reading of the data, but we could find out otherwise over time. 

How to Get Well 

What people do understand is: sick. And with that highly personal experience, another pressing matter has just become incredibly real. How precisely to treat this thing? What are the risks and how can they be mitigated? Here we find ourselves looking deeply down a terrifying rabbit hole, one I’ve somehow managed to avoid for the better part of two years. 

I’ve been so busy researching every other aspect of this that I’ve not paid that much attention to the problem of treatments. The bottom line: they have been suppressed. 

Let me quote from an absolutely astounding investigative report.

For the first nine months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no officially approved outpatient treatments for combating the disease. From March 2020, when the virus first emerged in the United States, until that November, when the Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of monoclonal antibodies, health authorities advised that the infected do little but quarantine themselves, drink plenty of fluids and rest unless hospitalization was necessary.

During those chaotic final months of Donald Trump's presidency, the medical establishment expressed extreme caution regarding outpatient treatments for the virus, and these warnings were amplified by major media hostile to the president, for example when he touted the anti-malaria medicine hydroxychloroquine.

The suppression of information and access has continued this entire time. I’ve told you my own story with Ivermectin. It was the only thing I took that seemed to loosen the grip of the virus on my own body. My story is hardly unusual. The more I looked at the research, the more obvious it became to me that this drug has been a source of salvation for people all over the world. The research is massive and decisive

How many lives might have been saved? It’s pure speculation, but some people say that it could be as high as 80%. Hard to know such counterfactuals. The whole idea of the NIH is to fund studies that are not in the interest of large pharmaceutical companies. Why hasn’t the NIH done this? Quoting again from RealClearInvestigations:

It wasn't until April 2021 that the National Institutes of Health announced it would fund a large clinical trial to study repurposed drugs, including some of those favored by several of the doctors RCI interviewed – a trial that did not commence until June, and is not estimated to be fully completed until March 2023, three years after the initial, widely repeated public health goal of "two weeks to flatten the curve" of infection.

So you only now have to wait another 14 months before you can find out if Ivermectin works. Meanwhile, there are doctors all over the country who are dedicated to their patients have worked very hard to get people the meds they need. They prescribe them and make them available as best they can. But most pharmacies are not willing to distribute them. There is a list of several dozen around the country that will ship them viaFed-Ex, but you have to have access and you have to have a prescription. 

Speakeasy Cures 

In the movie Contagion, the only therapeutic made available is a fake. It is pushed by a blogger with a secret financial deal. He causes mass hysteria. That movie has defined so much of the pandemic response. There has been almost no focus on therapies in the US apart from the disastrous ventilator scandals in the early stages. Monoclonal antibodies did well against early variants, but the Biden administration has been strict about allocating them to states where people voted for him. 

Meanwhile, people are sick and need meds. Thus so many doctors risked their own careers, and many pharmacists are risking their own licenses by making therapies available. Again, to be clear, these therapies are not sketchy. They are well established as essential drugs from the WHO and many other agencies. In many countries around the world, Ivermectin is freely available over the counter. 

When the dust settles, one does wonder. What is the most horrifying scandal of our times? I will put a list here:

  • The deliberate infection of nursing homes 
  • The school closures 
  • The denial of religious freedom 
  • The travel restrictions 
  • The bankrupting of hundreds of thousands of businesses 
  • The mandates of vaccines that people do not trust or want 
  • The censorship by big tech and the shut down of science 
  • The lies concerning risk profiles 
  • The suppression of early treatments 

Today, I’m going with the last one on the list simply because it is the one that is right now affecting millions of people. People are sick. We know how to fix this. The authorities are making it impossible to get treatments — impossible for many, but possible for those with connections and access. 

My god, this is supposed to be a free country, based on innovation and experimentation and rights. We don’t have central plans. We don’t use brutal methods to manage the population the way China does. And yet here we are. You are forced to get medicine you do not want even as you are prevented from getting medicine you do want. If that is not the greatest sign of our despotic times, I would not know what is. 


Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

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