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Why Moderna’s Stock Tanked

Posted November 08, 2021

Jeffrey Tucker

We’ll see how the next 48 hours stack up, but right now the stock of a pharmaceutical giant just took a huge hit, down 22% from its highs and falling. It will correct in the other direction most likely, but the strange thing is the timing. The Biden administration just issued an edict that would mandate its product or that of its Pfizer competition for virtually the whole US population via a mandate on business.

Seems like a time to buy, not sell, right?

Well, financial people can be pretty darn clever. They are reading the tea leaves. Their judgement is that this stock has seen its best days and is headed south. What does that tell us?

There are a number of issues here. The incidents of vaccine adverse effects are far outpacing what would be normal. The anecdotes of death and injury and terrible and surprising effects are flooding the internet. The CDC’s reporting system, which is of course fallible, is flooded daily. Some are false, some are real. No one knows for sure, but that there is a rising public fear of this untested technology is indisputable.

That brings us to the Pfizer pill. It was a shocking announcement on the front page of every paper in the country today. The company, which is much larger than Moderna with far more divisions, says that its new therapeutic pill for Covid-like symptoms is 89% effective. The people with whom I speak are pretty confident that the company is telling the truth here.

The idea of a vaccine for a coronavirus was always implausible. It never worked in animals. This type of virus mutates too quickly for an effective vaccine. The Trump administration demanded one, paid for it with tax dollars, so like magic they came up with one. Only problem is that it didn’t work like it was supposed to.

Force vs. Choice

The masochistic Biden administration fell in love with the shot anyway, as a politically divisive measure to ferret out and punish forces of resistance within the population, which they assumed were more or less overlapping with people who did not vote for Biden. Let’s make them get a shot, the White House decided. That will teach them who makes the rules around here.

Vaccine skepticism is through the roof right now, and it is not only the unvaccinated. Nearly everyone who has gotten the shot since late summer 2021 did so under duress. They are not happy about it. They are madder than ever, especially now that the administration says they are going to need a booster in order to be considered fully vaccinated.

So the wise guys at Pfizer, which specializes in issuing expensive and patented drugs instead of generics of course, came up with something far more viable: a therapeutic. You know, like aspirin. Or a steroid. Or some combination of other therapeutic drugs that are already out there, but which have been woefully neglected during this entire pandemic.

But here’s the thing. Why would a company put out a brand new and seemingly safe product, easily taken orally, in the midst of a new mandate that would force its other product on everyone? The answer is relatively easy to discern: they are very worried for their reputation. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Pfizer is worried that the vaccine could eventually endanger their company’s reputation. The new pill is designed to save it.

Modern is a much smaller and less clever company. It let the competition beat it to market with the vaccine replacement. It’s a bloodsport going on here. Smart investors saw the implications and realized that if heads are going to roll for the botched vaccine, it will likely hit Moderna first.

Remember AIDS?

There is an analogy here with AIDS and HIV. When the pathogen first hit, Anthony Fauci was first out there with disinformation. It can live on surfaces and spread through things like toilet seats, he said. He was instrumental in creating a society-wide panic, such that everyone was suddenly consumed with fear. Gay men became the target of hate. They had done terrible sex acts which had unleashed disease on the whole of society!

Of course it turned out not to be true. But Fauci was hardly done with his misdeeds. He next started pushing for a vaccine. The search went on for years and years. The cure, they called it! It never came. Billions were wasted in the futile search. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, actual medical doctors started searching for a combination of drugs that could mitigate symptoms and forestall death. These improved over time and dramatically lowered the death rate. Eventually, the sickness became endemic and manageable, not through vaccines but, through clever therapeutics.

Something similar is happening here. Covid-19 will become endemic, and the extent to which the vaccines contributed to that will be debated for years. Whether the effect of them is huge or tiny, there is no question now that their benefits were wildly oversold and their dangers underreported. In the future, we may find out with some degree of certainty that for the general population, they created more problems than they solved, even as conventional therapies were neglected.

Pfizer seems to see the writing on the wall. This new magic pill is the pivot. They are symbolically shifting attention from the shot to the therapy, in ways that leave the Biden administration sitting out on the limb. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people will be leaving their jobs this month to avoid the shot that one of the companies making it seems to be stepping back from. That is simply a disaster. It’s a political disaster, an economic disaster, and a disaster for confidence in public health. The ship is going down. Pfizer is refusing to go down with it. Good for them. Or rather: how very clever of them!

Bizarre Actions on All Fronts

Why wreck a country and global trade system, violating the rights of billions, to control an uncontrollable textbook virus that ultimately becomes endemic through conventional therapeutics? Well, therein lies the real mystery of the ruling class. They have lied uncontrollably from the beginning but the narrative is falling apart. It cannot last. The truth will be known. The financial markets are right now giving us hints of what that is.


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